My Escuela’s goal is to approach and reach each child in a special way in order to educate and enhance them. Our philosophy is one that revolves around love, unity, resilience, respectfulness, compassion, creativity, and empathy. My Escuela is a developmental program that is divided into a 70-30 system. 70 being play-based, and the other 30 being practical life task activity. Throughout all aspects of our program, language is always split evenly into a 50-50 fashion; half Spanish, half English.

Although assistance in a child’s developmental stages is a huge asset, we believe that children learn best through their own hands-on experiences. We will provide an open environment where children can thrive on their own, one in which they feel comfortable with. Not only are they learning, but they are also interacting socially by teaching themselves colors, numbers, textures, shapes, language, cause and effect, and much more through the prepared environment at My Escuela.

We will also introduce practical life task activity and its importance. Practical life exercises help educate children on how to do living activities in a purposeful way. They promote order, independence, and development of quality motor control. We greatly strengthen our connection with nature by taking care of plants as well as planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables, among other things. We feel that different types of arts are foundational pieces in the learning process of our My Escuela children. It’s a fundamental outlet of development in a growing child. We deeply focus on music and physical art, due to the fact that it is one of the clearest forms of expression for young children. With art, children find more freedom to express their inner feelings. Teachers, standing by their role of caring and assisting our children, model and teach appropriate behavior. Our atmosphere is one in which children respect themselves, their peers, and their teachers. Our teachers use constructive discipline to help maintain a positive atmosphere full of love, acceptance, and order. My Escuela establishes an adequate educational system that contributes effectively to the learning of the Spanish language. We give the necessary tools to our children, with a development program based on the needs of the child, depending on their age and potential.