Veronica Carranza

Hello everyone, my name is Veronica, and I am the owner of My Escuela Bilingual Preschool. I studied advertisement and have a masters in Marketing. Two years after graduating and working in the marketing field, I decided to do what I was overly passionate about; be with kids. In the beginning, I didn’t know what route to take, but I did know that I wanted to share with them. Share memories, experiences, love, and knowledge. I decided to go back to school to study Early Childhood Education. I started with summer camps and workshops in my home country for kids in pre-k to kindergarten, which allowed my imagination to fly and allowed me to make different kid’s dreams into reality. A few years passed by and I came to the United States of America, where I doubled down on what I wanted to do; involve myself more in childhood. I opened a daycare and it deeply helped me to understand them more and live more beautiful memories. I learned how to communicate with them and analyze their evolution and development. During these years, I took many courses having to do with different fields in childhood, which helped me a lot. All this experience led me to understand that the best manner to reach children is to combine education, respect, creativity, and love. This has helped me go hand-in-hand and always possess good relationships with them. They know I am Vero and I can truly say that I have had a special relationship with every kid that has passed through My Escuela. I owe this to my consistent affection that has transformed not into a job, but rather into a passion that has helped me create, play, and enjoy with them for more than 20 years.

Rosa Gonzales

Hello everyone! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Rosa González, and I am the Director of My Escuela Bilingual Preschool.  I graduated from Chabot College in Hayward, California with a major in Early Childhood Development. I have taught preschool for the past 5 years with children 2-5 years of age. I came across My Escuela Bilingual Daycare almost three years ago. I started as a Lead Teacher in the Tierra class in 2017. My Escuela Bilingual Daycare became My Escuela Bilingual Preschool and opened its doors in April of 2018. Later on, I was given the opportunity to become the director of My Escuela Bilingual Preschool.  I was truly honored to accept this new role as the director. The Early Childhood years are important and critical for a child’s life. What happens during these years will have a lasting impression on their growth and development. My goal as the director is to provide the leadership that will facilitate a safe and responsible school environment in which children can thrive to their full potential.

Liduvina Torres

Hi everyone, my name is Liduvina Torres and I am the lead teacher for the Tierra Class at My Escuela Bilingual Preschool. I’m super pleased and happy to not only be a part of My Escuela, but also for having the opportunity to play a part in the growth of your children’s education. I attended Canada College in San Mateo, California and have a major in Early Childhood Development. I’ve acquired more than 13 years of experience working with children of the preschool age group and have enjoyed every moment. I love working with children and assisting them in their development and education.

Sujey Garcia

My name is Sujey Garcia, and I am a proud teacher of Luna Class in My Escuela. It is an absolute honor and pleasure to work with these wonderful children. My top priority is to ensure that my students are always learning and having fun in the process. I also strive to motivate them to be the best they can be.
In my three years of experience working with children and young adults, I have been a youth counselor and now have the privilege to teach as a Preschool teacher. I firmly believe that teaching is not a one-way process, children can also teach teachers new things every day.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our page, and I hope to inspire and help your children in their educational journey.

Maria Duval

Saludos, or hello, to everyone. I am Ms. Maria from the Sol classroom. I have been teaching preschool aged children for about 4 years now. I’m currently chasing and have almost obtained my major of Early Childhood Education at Chabot college. I love working with children because they show you how sweet and loving they truly are. I like working in this community because it is not only welcoming and loving, but also because it’s close to home. I’ve lived in the alameda county my whole life and to be able to teach and do what I love to do in a location that’s close to home with children of different backgrounds is amazing. Although I love assisting and teaching children myself, the children here at My Escuela teach me many things like love, friendship, and  patience.

Arely Perez Sanchez

Hello, my name is Arely Perez, and I am an assistant teacher at My Escuela Bilingual Preschool. By the end of this year, I will be very honored to be one of the teachers in Tierra class. I have been working with children from infancy to preschool age for the past two years. I graduated with an associate’s degree in Administration Of Justice and I’m continuing my education in the Early Childhood Development field. I highly enjoy working with children as it brings happiness and fulfillment to my heart. I will ensure to guide and help the children to master different developmental stages throughout their preschool years. Something I look forward to daily is providing a welcoming, loving, and nurturing environment so the children can feel comfortable with me as their teacher.