Lil Kickers

The Lil’ Kickers soccer program is an award-winning child development program that uses soccer to help children 18 months to 12 years old tackle important developmental milestones through age-appropriate and fun-filled activities. The program inspires kids to be active, strong, confident, and well-balanced in order to unleash their awesome both on and off the field. Classes are 50-minutes and are led by highly trained, energetic coaches who engage kids and help maintain their enthusiasm by challenging and encouraging them to learn and accomplish new things – preparing them for school, play dates, team sports, and beyond. More than one million kids have participated in Lil’ Kickers across the country.

The Tierra Class associative curriculum with the Lil Kickers program is designed to build fundamental skills such as balance, coordination, and ball kicking in addition to helping build a sense of independence through the development of their skillset. As children progress through the session and become ready for more independence, parents can choose to transition to a less active role in the class.

Luna Class is fun and fast-paced, focusing on improving balance, coordination, and fundamental soccer skills. We utilize creative games to help kids develop listening skills, cooperation, and teamwork. Hoppers classes are the first class where children participate independently.

Sol Class is designed to help transition children into non-competitive team play. Children learn basic soccer skills (dribbling, passing, trapping, scoring) and are introduced to more one-ball-oriented games and scrimmaging. Scrimmages focus on building teamwork and helping players understand how to apply skills in different situations. Some non-competitive soccer games are introduced.

Music Together

My Escuela Bilingual Preschool is offering the ​Play Along by Music Together​, which are music resources that include high–quality materials for every classroom teacher, child, and the family to participate not only in class, but also at home. With its comprehensive printed and online tools, teachers and families are guided on using the music and movement activities to support children’s early learning outcomes both in school and at home – all while having fun.


Our kids will be partaking in Zumba dance classes through our great instructor for kids, Dana Carey. We know that the benefits of Zumba for kids are pretty awesome:

Improved endurance, better body coordination, gross motor skills and control over their body, leadership development, teamwork, confidence, memory, creativity, balance, and cultural awareness.